Art, acting and web design. Creative and professional path: in the past I had the opportunity to give free rein to my creativity in various fields, ranging from the Academy of Fine Arts to Acting, from Writing to Martial Arts.

It is curiosity that drives me to seek new stimuli, to experiment and integrate different arts and cultures.

Currently, I create websites for individuals and companies with an eye to design, a profession that allows me to exploit my creativity combined with more technical skills, creativity aimed at improving usability and user experience.

The act of creation has something ancestral that gives satisfaction and pushes us to go further, deepen and improve. It is an indispensable moment in the life of every person. Taking advantage of one’s qualities, such as attention, concentration and determination, in what we do can only give positive results.

carlo varchetta about

From an early age I loved to draw, in particular, I preferred to represent reality in an abstract way, using the imagination.
After obtaining the Scientific Diploma, I decided to follow my passions by enrolling at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. In this place, I was able to deepen many aspects of the “creative act”, from traditional oil painting (Painting) to pen drawing (Drawings), to video art (Acting).

Art and cuisine

A curious aspect of my painting course (chair of the artist Nicola Salvatore) was the connection between art and cuisine, a relationship that I continue to cultivate today. In the classroom, there was a small kitchenette that allowed us to experiment with unusual dishes and share them together. The presence of people from different countries allowed me to get to know smells and flavors from all over the world, from Spanish recipes to Senegalese couscous.


In parallel with the Academy, I approached acting. After following several open lessons, I decided to attend Raul Manso‘s Studio Workshop of the Actor. Argentine, who moved to Milan in the 70s, uses the methods of Stanislavskij and Grotowski (Actor).

Martial Arts

Later, I started attending some Martial Arts courses, in particular Vietnamese Kung Fu, Wing Chun and Capoeira. With kung fu, I was able to experiment with the study of weapons such as the stick (long and short), butterfly knives (Bat Charm Dao). Thanks to a practice I got to know my body better in continuous experimentation.

First steps in Graphic Design

My work, on the other hand, led me to specialize in the use of graphics programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. From graphics I then moved on to the study and related application of Web Design.

Online publishing

Between various work experiences, I had the pleasure of collaborating in online publishing with its many facets.

Sometimes customers ask me if it is possible to create interesting and emotional websites that they can manage independently. Of course! With the use of CMS, it is possible.

Digital Solutioner

After some experimentation, with Prestashop and Wix, I focused my attention on the development of sites in WordPress. Born as an out-source blogging platform, which allows multiple possibilities, in fact, you can use WP themes on the market or create your own site from the scratch, I prefer the second solution.

If you want to look at my Portfolio or have more information, I invite you to visit the Digital Solutioner website.

A gesture, an action, as well as a skill, gains from its repetition. It improves more and more until it becomes part of ourselves. We improve and with us the world improves, it is a way of giving added value to society. A gesture, an action, as well as competence, increases through its repetition. It improves more and more until it becomes part of ourselves. We improve and with us the world improves, this is a way of giving added value to society.