My acting career began with Raul Manso’s actor’s workshop in Milan, with physical/sensory and stage activities, plus voice and a stage on comedy. In this place I had the opportunity to wander a lot in preparing the various scenes, I had a lot of freedom.

Acting seminary

During the journey through the laboratory, Edward Albee‘s play “History of the Zoo” was made, which you can see entirely in the video below.

Below is a theatrical short taken from Albert Camus’ Caligula:

Some photos of some works and shooting:

Shooting Yamaha

Photo shoot for a line of Yamaha helmets.

Spot Novatex, a German company.
From “History of the Zoo”
From “Caligola”
Film Poker Generation
Jovanotti: “Pockets full of stones” videoclip
Excuse me for the image quality, it is the only memory of this work. Gian Maria Volontè: “Investigation of a citizen above all suspicion”
Reading “Let’s close the schools”
Photo shooting of dog and owner