Create a website: Digital Solutioner is the new 360 ° consultancy service for the creation of dedicated and highly customized websites based on the customer’s needs and wishes.

I use WordPress, the most used and best developed open source CMS in the world so that I can create any type of website. You can use ready-made themes or design an ad hoc one according to the customer’s needs.

A website is not a simple combination of code, images and text. A website has a goal, it starts from an idea, a project that deserves to be told …

With Digital Solutioner you will find all the features of a well-done website.

I also offer assistance, consultancy, design and construction services.

Having an emotional website that represents you and is well done is not a mirage!

How to create an effective website

But let’s get to the details, here’s how we can work together to create your website. To achieve it, one does not start from the aesthetics, the theme or the layout, but from the project, from the activity to be promoted. For this reason, I start each activity with a small interview, which will allow me to better understand the goal you want to achieve and what you want to communicate.

From here begins a real creative path that we will do together.

We will evaluate together the contents to be included and if professional photographic or video services are necessary I will take care of it, making use of professionals with whom I have been collaborating for years.

During our “journey together” it will be my pleasure to provide information to outline ad hoc texts and from an SEO perspective and make the appropriate corrections if necessary.

The next step is to analyze the features needed by the site, such as the contact form, the slider on the home page, the blog section with recent comments, the menu and much more.

Let’s structure the layout

At this point it will be possible to move on to the layout, through the design of the skeleton (wireframe) and then a UI Prototype(draft with graphics, colors and contents) of the homepage in order to frame the work done previously and be able to share it together, now you can see in the detail how your site will be created!

Performance, security, SEO and legal aspects

During development, I pay particular attention to performance, security, and SEO. It is also important to take into account the legal aspects and there are several methods to implement a privacy policy. For this reason, I usually provide a “safe” base to all customers, but even in this case, we can customize everything according to your needs.

For more complex websites, such as e-commerce, I use a lawyer to better protect your business.

Combined everything, completed the tests and received your OK, the site is ready for the network !!!

If you still need me, all you have to do is write or call me, I will always be happy to help you …