carlo varchetta drawing tangles

Curved lines and shades. I start from the blank sheet and a few other references in these works, there is no basic concept, an idea that structures the work, the concept resides in the denial of the concept. The pen flows and produces sinuous lines, shades that form more complex structures and creatures. So the viewer is left free to interpret the result as they see fit, there is no single solution.

carlo varchetta drawing lucci
drawing dance for me
Dance for me
drawing kite
The kite
drawing scepter
The scepter
drawing creature

drawing infant playing the violin
Infant playing the violin
drawing balance and infinity
Equilibrio ed Infinito
drawing flying creatures
Flying creatures
drawing eye that sees
Eye that sees.
drawing carnivorous plant
Carnivorous plant
drawing branches and arteries
Branches and arteries
drawing flying fish
Flying Fish
drawing pirate parrot
Pirate Parrot

drawing play the game johnny
Play the game Johnny!